Who am I?

Dála Musil

Hello! I am Dala Musil, digital consultant, designer and Notion expert (the only Czech Notion Certified Consultant & Notion Ambassador) from Pardubice. For more than 19 years, I have been helping to simplify the digital life of companies and people. I mainly focus on Notion, UX design and various digital solutions (process automation, design systems or app implementations).

In love with Notion

Notion is a tool that has completely hooked me. I write CZ articles, create EN templates or shoot CZ videos. I also started the first Czech video courses, CZ & SK community and I train, consult, audit, do automation, etc. Take a look at how exactly I can help you with Notion here.

Notion Certified Consultant

Customer testimonials

I have already helped dozens of individuals and companies to improve their work (or personal) life with Notion. What do they say about our cooperation or my work?


Šimon Steffal

Founder @ Mindset Mentors

„The collab with Dála was great in that the planning of activities itself was a space for learning how we want Notion to work for us in the future. Within three months, we moved the company several light years procedurally and functionally. We now have a real virtual office with everything in Notion.“


Petra Sobotková

Co-founder @ Mindset Mentors

„Without Notion, I can't even imagine how we work at Mindset Mentors. We've always had a good time working with it, but after Dála’s audit? Enthusiasm - that's probably how I'd sum it up :-). Thanks for the help in moving our operations several levels higher 💪“


Hana Fialková

Managing director @ EF1

„Dála quickly opened the door for me to the world of Notion, in which he is really perfectly oriented. Above all, with his help, we were able to integrate the tools used, and thereby automate a whole series of steps and processes. I personally appreciate how patiently and clearly he is able to convey and explain technical aspects as well.“


Miroslav Bartik

Wordpress developer

„I had the opportunity to go through the Notion basics video course by Dála and I have to say it was great. The course is simple, clear and understandable. It gave me exactly the foundation I needed without having to search and think about what to find where and how to set it up. I think a clear choice for beginners.“


Marie Kubáčková

Webinar moderator @ Česko Digital

„Dála prepared a very practical one-hour webinar about the Notion for us. Thank you very much! According to the feedback from the participants, the event full of tips was really good and it is clear that Dála is a real Notion expert.“

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