Everything you need for Notion


Are you using the Notion, getting started with it, or just looking at it and wondering what to use it for? As 50th worldwide Notion Certified Consultant I will be happy to be your long-term guide and help you grasp Notion to the fullest. We can consult, build, audit, automate and solve anything related.

Notion consulting

Don't know how to do or create something in Notion? Don't understand a feature in the app? Let's make an appointment for a one-off consultation or regular and long-term Notion counseling on what is bothering you.

Notion implementation

Getting started with Notion as an individual is quite easy, but it can be more complicated with a larger number of people. I will be happy to help you, whether it is for personal or business use and regardless of the number of users.

Workspace audit

Notion can do a lot, how about you? If you're not sure if you're using Notion correctly and fully, you can easily find out with an audit of your workspace. I will also help you fix, edit and fine-tune everything individually.

Notion automation

Leave hours of tedious manual work to machines. By connecting Notion with other tools and starting automation, you will get more free time and also reduce unnecessary administration, error rates and financial costs.

Content building

Tired of buying and editing templates? Let's create a page, database, formula, wiki or an entire workspace for your unique needs from scratch or modify and tune what you already have. I will be happy to help one-time or long-term.

Wiki / Second brain

Are you tired of always looking for or explaining something somewhere? Simplify your life with a personal or company digital wiki in Notion and have all your knowledge, information and resources clearly in one place of truth.

Notion formulas

Are you struggling with Notion formulas, the most complex and advanced part of databases? Leave it to me, I will create any custom formula for you, modify anything ready-made or deliver an existing ready-made solution.

Website with Super.so

Do you regularly use Notion and need to create a website? How about combining these 2 things and making a website directly from the content you have in Notion and managing the website from Notion? Super.so makes it a breeze.

Free and paid templates

How about making your work easier with ready-made templates? Choose one of my 25+ Notion templates, among which you will find advanced premium templates for personal and professional life as well as a variety of free templates.

How much will it cost to make your life easier?

Standard hourly rate is $130 / €120.

Larger projects will be priced individually per project.

If we have not cooperated yet, cooperation is paid in advance.

Are you interested?

Do you like what I do? Do you want to ask something?

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